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    China Hunan circus troupe was founded in 1959, is a financial difference of the government funding institutions. In 2012 the transformation for Hunan Acrobatic Art Theatre limited liability company, after decades of efforts, has developed into a strong China Acrobatic strong influence and competitiveness.

    The company has 116 employees, including 45 senior professional titles. The institutional setting for eight departments: General Office, human resources department, financial department, asset performance group, the art market research department, sales department, training department, training department, the state-owned international professional performing arts groups.

    Over the past 50 years, in the inheritance and development of Chinese traditional folk art foundation, through the long-term artistic practice, bold innovation, the constant pursuit of the perfect art, creation and performance of a large number of rich and distinctive national characteristics of contemporary acrobatics, cultivate a group of outstanding acrobatics art talents, for many years in the international the stage frequently performed, famous, has become a dazzling Hunan foreign cultural name card!

    August 2001 invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the twenty-first session of the World University Games in Beijing.

    August 2008 invited to participate in the twenty-ninth session of the Beijing Olympic Games Closing Ceremony performances before the ceremony, by the Organizing Committee in recognition.

    July 2010 invited to participate in World Expo, Shanghai - "Hunan week" performances, to achieve a complete success.

    In October 2008 to commemorate the thirty anniversary of the reform and opening up our innovations and create a large-scale acrobatics party "Scene" good evening program live independently, I focus group in the domestic and international award-winning: "Chinese soul - Climbing" swing "dances with Wolves" - "Moonlight of oz - unicycle rod push" bainiaozhaofeng "- Ballet the" fashion art, beautiful dance vocabulary, dream of the stage lighting, the acrobatics scene from a new angle in the three-dimensional space to display. The cast is after an average age of four years of rigorous training more than 15 students, 16 year old Ru Yanchu starred, as they fly, live independently flying in the theatre, acrobatics.

    In September 2009 the creation of a "Hunan, Hunan, Hunan soul rhyme", Hunan culture as the carrier of the acrobatic theme party in the country "as the" Lotus key plays, as the "third Hunan Arts Festival" opening night premiere success, and won the "award for outstanding contributions to promoting the development of cultural industry"; 2012 won the "Hunan province first prize for literature and art".

    In July 2012 to create an upgraded version of the re processing and modification of large-scale cultural tourism project multimedia fantasy acrobatics party "Lotus kingdom" in the "fourth Hunan Arts Festival" performances won the "Tian Han Award for outstanding drama".

    May 2012 Shanghai time travel limited cooperation, they will show the enduring classic Super multimedia fantasy acrobatics party "travel through time", the original rehearsal and transplantation, "travel through time" project in Henan Xinyang troupe, performances in more than and 400 games.

    In January 2015 the company has launched a grand large original acrobatic drama "dream journey" in the "fifth Hunan Arts Festival" performances won the "Tian Han Award", the play and won the 2015 annual National Art Fund to support key projects.

    The company's creative acrobatics (Drama) program won more than and 30 prizes in various international and domestic Acrobatics Competition has 50 times wing; invited to go to the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Holland, Portugal, Japan, Turkey, Australia, Syria, Morocco, Columbia, Ecuador, Qatar South Africa, more than and 60 countries and regions such as access and business performance.